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Christmas Day Lunch with Mum at Da Luca

For Christmas Day this year, and to enjoy the time with my mum who was returning back to the UK on Boxing Day, we booked up a table at Da Luca Italian Restaurant – in Novena.

It is still a little surreal to enjoy Christmas in the tropics, but we knew we were in for a good meal. It wasn’t massively busy, but we had a nice meal of Beef Carpaccio, Pizza and a Mixed Salad which we shared – certainly different from the Christmas Turkey and the trimmings – but delicious all the same.

It was great to spend it with my mum, rather than eating on my own, so I am glad I was able to spend it with her, and to ensure she had a relaxing trip back (on a full stomach).

Da Luca Italian Restaurant
1 Goldhill Plaza #01-19/21
Goldhill Plaza
Tel: +65 6258 4846
URL: http://www.daluca.com.sg

Birthday Drinks at Wine Connection Rob Quay (2nd Aug)

A great group of people always make for a great birthday celebration, so we went to the Wine Connection in Robertson Quay, to have a few wines and bevvies and food – to celebrate a fab mate’s birthday…what a young man he is 🙂

After a few drinks, some grub and a birthday cake, we decided to continue the night (the night was still young!), and ended up at Fern and Kiwi – which is actually one of the nicer of the bars in Clarke Quay. The night continued with drinking and dancing, and more drinking, followed by more dancing.

I decided to leave around 1.30am, as I was getting sooo sleepy … seems I do struggle doing these type of sessions now…maybe it is the lack of practice 🙂 But it sure was a great night!

Beerfest Asia 2014 in Singapore

Beer Fest Asia 2014

Beer Fest Asia 2014

Well it is traditional annual event in Singapore, and I have managed to skip it for the past 2 years I was in town, so this year I decided to go and pay it a visit. This year it was scheduled for 12-15 June, so it is a short event to enjoy the sights and sounds of some delightful beers.

It’s located near to the F1 circuit, in the Marina Promenade, just behind the Singapore Flyer, and the entry fee was $30 for a day entry – you get a complimentary beer, and then you have the buy beer credits to ‘buy’ the beers on show. It was a great location, and a great venue for this event, and I am still amazed on the amount of beers, flavours and alcoholic beverages that are available – you have such a choice.

We got a few beers – one Crabbies (still like that), and then we went for a Banana Beer and a Double Chocolate stout – which was quite ‘interesting’ to say the least.

Anyway, it is certainly worth to pay a visit, although just need to quick yourself hydrated as it gets very hot in the mid-day sun!

Beerfest Asia
1 Old Parliament Lane #02-01
Singapore 179429
Tel: +65 6338 8277
URL: http://www.beerfestasia.com
E-mail: info@beerfestasia.com

St Paddy’s Weekend

Well having just arrived back from the UK, it was fortunate that the timing was just perfect for St Paddy’s Day.  The partying was extended from the Friday, 14th March through to the Monday, 17th March – which was the official St Patrick’s Day.

I was planning to take it easy, but I knew it was going to be a mad one – and it certainly was.  It started on the Saturday, with a nice session down Boat Quay at the traditional and infamous Irish Pub, Molly Malone’s (the original/first and oldest Irish Pub in Singapore), with an ex-colleague.  He had to leave after a few drinks, so I then caught up with another ex-colleague and his group of friends who were arriving in Boat Quay, and the Guinness just flowed all night – yes it was quite messy.  It involved a McD towards the end of the night to help solidify the Guinness that was mixing around in my stomach.  For some reason (maybe because I didn’t mix drinks), I was quite tired the next morning, but I did not have a hangover or headache (phew!).  I took it easy on the Sunday, relaxed and chilled – to try to recovery.

On the Monday, I met up with a few colleagues from work, and another lass that I met at a previous pub quiz – we stayed around the Blarney’s Irish Pub at the Marina Bay Sail, drinking throughout the evening and night.  We continued drinking and then we decided to pop along to Boat Quay to play some pool at a Public House, another British-themed park just off Circular Road, we ate some food (again to help line the stomach – or should be cap the stomach) and then we called it a night after a few more drinks.  

Wow, what a way to spend St Paddy’s day…!!

Shangri La Reunion Dinner

The Reunion Night is a big feast for Chinese New Year – as a way to celebrate the new year and have a big feast with the family. We had been invited to attend one at the Shangri-La Hotel – a very nice hotel indeed.

It was quite a grand event – inside one of the ball-rooms, and there was plenty of entertainment both on and away from the table. We started with the infamous Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng is a dish to celebrate Chinese New Years, and wishing years of joy, good luck and abundance.  

The rest of the courses followed, with the Shangri-La also putting on some other entertainment within the room. It was full of acrobats, trapeze artists and live music – although the music and sound was a bit too loud.

The meal cost $138++ – but it was certainly quite enjoyable, and we certainly ate a lot of food and drink.

I think I just need a couple of days to recover now 🙂

Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350
Tel: +65 6737 3644
URL: http://www.shangri-la.com/singapore/shangrila/

Messy Night – Hungover Again

Whose idea to drink that much – oh that’s right, we set our own destiny…that means it was my fault – haha!

Anyway, it started with a few drinks at Blarney’s at Marina Bay Sail, where I met up with a friend and a couple of work colleagues. After an couple of hours or so, we decided to grab some food…well one must eat. We headed off to Raffles Bistro just around the corner, as the weather was still pretty horrid (raining), and it was under cover! After some great food, and a couple bottles of wine, we then decided to for another drinks at Harry’s at the Sail. This is turning into a mini-bar crawl @ the Sail :). Haha!

We then continued to drink ourselves silly, and finally decided to call it a day – having reached about 11.30pm…the worse thing is that I had mixed all types of drinks (the number one sin of drinking): Guinness stout, Red wine, Rum and Coke, Sambuca and Whiskey Soda – and yes it was a horrid affair as the following morning confirmed :). Ouch!!!

Boulevard Red Dot – Maxwell Road

A colleague from work invited me to drinks at a Maxwell Road with his friends, and I happily obliged – hard to say ‘no’ to a drink! After a bus rides and walk, we arrived at around 715pm, and settled in for a few drinks and some finger food. I was expecting to stay for a couple of drinks and then make my exit, but after several drinks, we turned to shots (yikes) and lots of silly talk and jokes.

Before we realised it, our bill was quite long and it was coming to 1130pm…bang goes the early night idea. Alas, never say no to a fun night with some great folks!

Luckily it is getting towards Christmas, so any excuse to drink more, is a good one – haha!!

Here’s to tomorrow…just hope my head is in one piece 🙂

Boulevard Restrobar
28 Maxwell Road #01-03
Red Dot Traffic Building
Singapore 069120
Tel: +65 6327 4338
URL: http://www.boulevard.com.sg

Birthday Drinks – Five Izakaya Bar

After a whole day on the road and visiting Amex merchant customers, what better way to celebrate my birthday, by adding the birthday drinks after the event.

It started with a few ‘free’ drinks at the end of the ROWAS event at the Fullerton, after the barrels (tab) ran dry, we moved onto Five Izakaya which was pretty nearby, and we continued drinking away.

It was a funny session, as there was a see of Amex tops throughout the venue – we usually had about 7 tables, and the best thing is that I knew the large majority of the people here.  So I ended up going around, drinking, toasting the night, celebrating my birthday and chatting away…

A fabulous night – and it was good to have some many friendly faces out from work!

Five Izakaya Bar
16 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049318
Tel: +65 6536 8955
URL: http://www.fivebar.sg

Molly Malone – Drinks and Freebies

Last time I went to Molly Malone, they were offering free Guinness T-shirts as part of a 3-day promotion. Unfortunately, they ran out on the evening of the first day – which was a slightly poor show.

After I complained to them, they admitted that they didn’t plan the promotion that well, although stating they were on a first come, first serve basis. Either way, they invited me to join their 18th anniversary drinks, and offered to have a few drinks on the house – wow that’s amazing to celebrate the success of another Irish pub that has been in Singapore for that long! Although 1995 felt like yesterday, it was certainly a life-time ago now 🙂 haha!

Anyway, I went to Molly with a mate, and we enjoyed a few round of drinks on the house – as a way of apologising over the offer glitch.

It was quite a nice session, a great location, I just wish it was slightly closer to the office – haha!

Molly Malone Irish Pub
56 Circular Road
Singapore 049411
Tel: +65 6536 2029
URL: http://www.molly-malone.com

Clarke Quay – Club Crawl

Well it started with a nice session with friends at Binomio in Craig Road, having had some nice drinks and tapas. Another friend of a friend turned up, and we continued drinking away. Afterwards, the two gents (that includes me) decided to go to for a Clarke Quay tour – and when I mean tour, I really mean it.

The chap knows a fair number of the bouncers and basically winged his way in through his contacts to several clubs. Each one, we stayed for a drink, looked at the scenery and enjoyed the music and atmosphere, before hopping to the next one.

That turned out to be at least 7-8 clubs in total – ouch!

It was fun, but I am must admit I couldn’t keep up, the chap could have kept going, but I was knackered and couldn’t drink anymore! Haha!

I left around 3am, the dude stayed back for more 🙂

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