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Mar Jongg Game – Fun!

Well I wanted to take a stab at playing Mar Jongg again, and fortunately found a group from work that all played (for “fun” of course – ahem!). ¬†Luckily, one of them had the set with the English Characters on the tiles, which helped me tremendously, but I still would call them the ‘green one’, the ‘red one’, ‘sticks’, ‘circles’, and the ‘blue square one’ – haha!

Mar Jongg Game

Mar Jongg Game

It was fun – and luckily, we didn’t do any gambling (as such), and just enjoyed the enjoyment of the game…and the practice! ūüôā

St Paddy’s Weekend

Well having just arrived back from the UK, it was fortunate that the timing was just perfect for St Paddy’s Day. ¬†The partying was extended¬†from the Friday, 14th March through to the Monday, 17th March¬†– which was the official St Patrick’s Day.

I was planning to take it easy, but I knew it was going to be a mad one – and it certainly was. ¬†It started on the Saturday, with a nice session down Boat Quay at the traditional and infamous Irish Pub, Molly Malone’s (the original/first and oldest Irish Pub in Singapore), with an ex-colleague. ¬†He had to leave after a few drinks, so I then caught up with another ex-colleague and his group of friends who were arriving in Boat Quay, and the Guinness just flowed all night – yes it was quite messy. ¬†It involved a McD towards the end of the night to help solidify the Guinness that was mixing around in my stomach. ¬†For some reason (maybe because I didn’t mix drinks), I was quite tired the next morning, but I did not have a hangover or headache (phew!). ¬†I took it easy on the Sunday, relaxed and chilled – to try to recovery.

On the Monday, I met up with a few colleagues from work, and another lass that I met at a previous pub quiz – we stayed around the Blarney’s Irish Pub at the Marina Bay Sail, drinking throughout the evening and night. ¬†We continued drinking and then we decided to pop along to Boat Quay to play some pool at a Public House, another British-themed park just off Circular Road, we ate some food (again to help line the stomach – or should be cap the stomach) and then we called it a night after a few more drinks. ¬†

Wow, what a way to spend St Paddy’s day…!!

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