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One Republic Concert at RWS Hard Rock Hotel

A few weeks back, a couple of work people were arranging for a group to go to the One Republic Concert at Hard Rock Hotel at Resort World Sentosa (on 29th October) In total we had 6 people who were keen to join, and we managed to purchase the tickets.

After work, we headed off after work, and after a bit of a headache to get taxis (as it was just after a massive downpour) we finally arrived at the venue. It was a standing only gig, and the venue was quite interesting, it was sheltered but classed as an outdoor gig.

I am not a big One Republic fan, but knew some of the hit tunes, and was bopping along to the tracks that I recognised. The start was a bit frustrating as there was no warm-up or supporting acts, and the wait was just painful for the band to come on stage, but when they did at about 730pm, the crowd knew that they were in for a great show.

I headed out just after 11pm just before the last couple of tracks played, as I knew it would be hell to get a taxi back. I arrived home around 1145pm, ready for another fun-packed day ahead.

Birthday Drinks – Five Izakaya Bar

After a whole day on the road and visiting Amex merchant customers, what better way to celebrate my birthday, by adding the birthday drinks after the event.

It started with a few ‘free’ drinks at the end of the ROWAS event at the Fullerton, after the barrels (tab) ran dry, we moved onto Five Izakaya which was pretty nearby, and we continued drinking away.

It was a funny session, as there was a see of Amex tops throughout the venue – we usually had about 7 tables, and the best thing is that I knew the large majority of the people here.  So I ended up going around, drinking, toasting the night, celebrating my birthday and chatting away…

A fabulous night – and it was good to have some many friendly faces out from work!

Five Izakaya Bar
16 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049318
Tel: +65 6536 8955

Amex Reach Out With a Smile (ROWAS) Merchant Event

Each year, the American Express Singapore team go out on a merchant event to say hello to them and thanks for accepting the card.  This year, it was scheduled for Friday, 25th October and we were based at the Fullerton Hotel.  This is a great way to speak to our merchant customers, something that the majority of the Amex team will unlikely do on a daily basis.

At the start of the event, there was some general quiz questions and I jumped to the chance to answer. I knew the MC that was on stage, and he knew it was my birthday, so he managed to get 400 odd Amex Singapore employees to sing Happy Birthday to me – what a nice treat 🙂

We separated into various teams, and the GNP teams were based around Orchard and Somerset.  My particular location was the Concorde Hotel – I initially was given 3 sheets of merchants (about 75-80 locations), but then 2 of the sheet were taken back, so I only had 30 merchants to visit, phew!

Some of the merchants were ‘interesting’ – especially as this place had a House of Condom and a few bars/clubs – the latter would be difficult to visit, as most would have been closed.  It is strange why these are still added to the merchant list, when we can’t “see them” during the business day. Anyway, I did the majority, gave all of my gifts out and actually enjoyed the visits and speaking with the merchants.

I took special attention to visit the House of Condom location – an ‘interesting’ shop…haha!  I managed to speak with the sales agent/owner, and she agreed to put an open/close sign on the door – which she kindly put up on the spot.  Lovely juvly – job done! 🙂

Internations Event – Professionals @ Hombre, Boat Quay

I joined Internations about 3 months ago as part of my aim to network in Singapore – and it’s a great forum of interests and general gatherings.

This particular one was called “Professional”, so it was a good way to get into the more business-related network scene. The location was ‘Hombre Cantina’, a new Mexican Bar in Boat Quay. It was located about 3/4 of the way down, an stretch I never usually go to, so it was good to take this opportunity to see what is in and out of Boat Quay.

I went quite early, and got chatting to the boss of the new bar, and they had yet to accept Amex, so decided to do my sales pitch – well anything for the blue box. I then went to a table with my drink, as the other Internations folks arrived. It was a huge event, but the right number of people turned up…possibly about 50 in all.

The table I was on became one of the bigger groups with about 8-10 people gathering to together – from all backgrounds. I spoke with a Jamican guy, a lady who recently joined Ethiopian Airlines, and other folks – all very interesting people, and it was an enjoyable night.

Hombre Cantina
53 Boat Quay
Singapore, 049842
Phone: +65 6438 6708

National Geographic Exhibition at the ArtsScience Museum

The Amex Social Club team arranged for a session at the National Geographic Exhibition which was exhibiting their 50 greatest images in Singapore for a few months. It was located at the ArtsScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands, and I always wanted to have a look at this collection. In fact, I was very keen on the National Geographics – as I have this thing about nature and world cultures – in all its beauty, but never got around to subscribe, so this was a good way to see some of the best images in the world 🙂

It was a remarkable collection, and it was certainly a special selection of the best photos of our generation – and it was good spending it with some good chums from the office. The irony is that whilst it was a Singapore Blue Box event (all employees), only 4 people turned up – and they were all from the ‘GNS’ world – so became a mini GNS team-build – haha!

If the exhibition comes to your town – you MUST pay a visit to see the fabulous images!

Molly Malone – Drinks and Freebies

Last time I went to Molly Malone, they were offering free Guinness T-shirts as part of a 3-day promotion. Unfortunately, they ran out on the evening of the first day – which was a slightly poor show.

After I complained to them, they admitted that they didn’t plan the promotion that well, although stating they were on a first come, first serve basis. Either way, they invited me to join their 18th anniversary drinks, and offered to have a few drinks on the house – wow that’s amazing to celebrate the success of another Irish pub that has been in Singapore for that long! Although 1995 felt like yesterday, it was certainly a life-time ago now 🙂 haha!

Anyway, I went to Molly with a mate, and we enjoyed a few round of drinks on the house – as a way of apologising over the offer glitch.

It was quite a nice session, a great location, I just wish it was slightly closer to the office – haha!

Molly Malone Irish Pub
56 Circular Road
Singapore 049411
Tel: +65 6536 2029

Opticians – Eye Test and New Glasses

Well haven’t suffered a bit of damage on my glasses during a game of Futsal in May, I decided it was time to buy a new pair of glasses.

So I decided to source around for a good opticians, I went to a couple of places, but didn’t see a pair of glasses that I liked, so I finally ended back at Novena Velocity Mall, and didn’t even realise there was one right on my door step. It was called Northern Opticians, and then seemed pretty okay. I know there was a Japanese one that just opened up in Plaza Singpura – called OwnDays, and I also found one on Facebook called GlistVision in The Cathy, Dhoby Ghaut.

I know Singapore is a great health hub – in the medicare arena that is – so I thought eye care would no different. I wasn’t wrong, the eye test was done pretty well, and the good news is that there wasn’t much change to my current prescription. The only concern was my right eye was slightly weaker, and I sense this could have caused by the eye infection I had previously, but apparently they couldn’t say for sure it was linked. I then looked at the array of glasses on offer, and they had quite a nice display – however, the frames and lens were quite expensive, slightly more so than the UK I think. The Optician confirmed the same – that the frames are expensive, although the lens are about the same. Hey-ho, if needs must!

I purchase a nice pair of Guess glasses – half-frames, they were quite light, and they certainly felt very comfortable. Price-wise, it was S$380 all in all – about £190 – that is not too bad, although if I went for some of the other frames, it would have been more expensive indeed.

Anyway, at least I have purchased one. I know there were probably other glasses or Opticians that were probably cheaper, but that will do for a year or so 🙂

Krispy Kreme Singapore – First Store Opening

I always am inclined to a delightful Krispy Kreme…especially the original Sugar Glazed coating one – they are truly … well just delicious 🙂

So FINALLY Krispy Kreme have opened up in Singapore – with their first store opening at Tangs.

The Grand opening of the store was marked with the first 100 customers receiving freebies…it started with the first one received 12 months worth of Doughnuts (a dozen a week), the second 6 months, the third 3 months…and the next batch until 100 receiving a free dozen. WOW, if only I could have made it, but I was slightly hungover from the night before 🙂 Haha!

Anyway, I turned up around 1.30pm, the queue wasn’t too bad, and after about 10 minutes, I was inside and had made my purchase. I purchased the double dozen – which was a dozen of the originals and a dozen of the assorted doughnuts.

The doughnuts weren’t cheap – they were S$2.60 each or S$23.40 for a dozen for the original glaze doughnut.

Krispy Kreme Singapore – Orchard
Tangs Orchard Basement 1
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238864

Clarke Quay – Club Crawl

Well it started with a nice session with friends at Binomio in Craig Road, having had some nice drinks and tapas. Another friend of a friend turned up, and we continued drinking away. Afterwards, the two gents (that includes me) decided to go to for a Clarke Quay tour – and when I mean tour, I really mean it.

The chap knows a fair number of the bouncers and basically winged his way in through his contacts to several clubs. Each one, we stayed for a drink, looked at the scenery and enjoyed the music and atmosphere, before hopping to the next one.

That turned out to be at least 7-8 clubs in total – ouch!

It was fun, but I am must admit I couldn’t keep up, the chap could have kept going, but I was knackered and couldn’t drink anymore! Haha!

I left around 3am, the dude stayed back for more 🙂

More Cycling – More Exercise

Over the past couple of months, I have been upping the ante with my cycling. I know I need to do more exercise, and to also help bulk up my muscle, so cycling is one way of achieving this.

I decided to go along East Coast Park (ECP) because it is easy to get a bike and away from the hustle and bustle of the City, and away from the busy Singapore roads. Going eastward, it remains a pleasant journey, as you reach the perimeter road of Changi Airport. I am committed to get to the top side of the Airport, but so far have only managed to get about 3/4 of the way, mainly due to running out of time – the biggest challenge is I have the energy and time to get to the north part of Changi Airport – to the beach and/or Changi Village, but then I have to find a way to get back again 🙂

We’ll see, one day I think I can make it (and back)!

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