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Walking Around Novena – Funny Times

When you walk around Novena, it is sometimes funny what you find.  There is not much around the mainly shopping and medical district, but if you search deeper, you do sometimes find a nice shop or two in the area.

I went with the girlfriend for a nice meal at Da Luca Italian Restaurant (at #01-19/21 Goldhill Plaza, 309012) for their lovely Burrata (this is one of the nice restaurants you find in the area), there was even a new spa (called Pine Spa – at 199 Thomson Road, 307636) that had opened up that month – and we were almost tempted to do this after our food – but we were so tired, I think we probably wouldn’t have woken up even if they forced us too – so we decided to pass the massage for another time.  BUT, it is a great treat, and now I know where it is – and it is 24 hours – what more can you ask for 🙂

We did find one particular restaurant / bar (forgot the name) near to Goldhill Plaza and Thomson road, which had a great window display – a big cuddly bear watching the world go by and relaxing with a beer (shame it wasn’t a Guinness!).  We then went to the Udders Ice Cream (155 Thomson Rd, 307608), an interesting place, and a nice variety of ice cream on offer – with no other that Oktobeer Ice Cream – that’s Edhinger Dunkel & Guinness Stout – yummy.

So as I said, there are a few nice places in and around Novena – you just have to spend time to walk around and find them… 🙂

St Paddy’s Weekend

Well having just arrived back from the UK, it was fortunate that the timing was just perfect for St Paddy’s Day.  The partying was extended from the Friday, 14th March through to the Monday, 17th March – which was the official St Patrick’s Day.

I was planning to take it easy, but I knew it was going to be a mad one – and it certainly was.  It started on the Saturday, with a nice session down Boat Quay at the traditional and infamous Irish Pub, Molly Malone’s (the original/first and oldest Irish Pub in Singapore), with an ex-colleague.  He had to leave after a few drinks, so I then caught up with another ex-colleague and his group of friends who were arriving in Boat Quay, and the Guinness just flowed all night – yes it was quite messy.  It involved a McD towards the end of the night to help solidify the Guinness that was mixing around in my stomach.  For some reason (maybe because I didn’t mix drinks), I was quite tired the next morning, but I did not have a hangover or headache (phew!).  I took it easy on the Sunday, relaxed and chilled – to try to recovery.

On the Monday, I met up with a few colleagues from work, and another lass that I met at a previous pub quiz – we stayed around the Blarney’s Irish Pub at the Marina Bay Sail, drinking throughout the evening and night.  We continued drinking and then we decided to pop along to Boat Quay to play some pool at a Public House, another British-themed park just off Circular Road, we ate some food (again to help line the stomach – or should be cap the stomach) and then we called it a night after a few more drinks.  

Wow, what a way to spend St Paddy’s day…!!

Molly Malone – Drinks and Freebies

Last time I went to Molly Malone, they were offering free Guinness T-shirts as part of a 3-day promotion. Unfortunately, they ran out on the evening of the first day – which was a slightly poor show.

After I complained to them, they admitted that they didn’t plan the promotion that well, although stating they were on a first come, first serve basis. Either way, they invited me to join their 18th anniversary drinks, and offered to have a few drinks on the house – wow that’s amazing to celebrate the success of another Irish pub that has been in Singapore for that long! Although 1995 felt like yesterday, it was certainly a life-time ago now 🙂 haha!

Anyway, I went to Molly with a mate, and we enjoyed a few round of drinks on the house – as a way of apologising over the offer glitch.

It was quite a nice session, a great location, I just wish it was slightly closer to the office – haha!

Molly Malone Irish Pub
56 Circular Road
Singapore 049411
Tel: +65 6536 2029
URL: http://www.molly-malone.com

Arthur Guinness Day

It all started in 2009, as a way to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness – and the Arthur Guinness Day was created. Since then, every year, the day has been celebrated in September. Whilst it is seen as a marketing ploy by Diageo, the owner’s of Guinness…which I must admit is likely the case, it still works for me…as it gives me another excuse to raise a toast to Arthur Guinness.

The Guinness Tent - Outside

The Guinness Tent – Outside

This year, Guinness Singapore opted to celebrate by arranging a free concert in Singapore – at a ‘secret venue’. 1759 tickets were on offer…and basically people had to select ways to get them, either taking a photo with Guinness symbolised somewhere, or similar. My approach was based on the Guinness tent being created at Raffles Place which was created to market the new Guinness tap – you went there, poured your own Guinness and you get 2 free tickets + a free pint to enjoy. So I did this route – haha 🙂

The Fray

The Fray @ Arthur’s Day

The concert itself was actually based on the Promenade at Bayfront, near Marina Bay Financial Centre, which for us was a perfect location – after work.

Great views inside the Tent!

Great views inside the Tent!

It was on Thursday 27th September, and the Fray (US music act) was the band that played throughout the night. I must admit it was very enjoyable, and the best thing is, people kept giving us their free Guinness vouchers, so we only paid a few pints during the night – the voucher allowed a free pint – BONUS! When we did have to buy a pint, it was only S$10 per pint, so about S$4 cheaper – so not too bad 🙂

All in all – a great night! Hic!!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Well as the motto goes, when one works hard, you play hard…or should that be play ‘harder’. So after a few weeks (well okay months) of hard graft, I am sure looking forward to a nice long weekend in Penang.

I have been wanting to pay a visit for ages, so decided to book it up a few weeks back, and managed to persuade a work colleague to spend the time with me. I am certainly looking forward to it…it reminds me a little bit of the Malacca Trip, as everyone says you basically eat, drink, walk and sleep for the whole trip…so as they say eat little but often, and I am sure going to try out that motto 🙂

I will be leaving on Friday, 6th September (evening flight) and I decided to take Monday off from work, so will be arriving back early evening on Monday, 9th September. Back to work on the Tuesday – I can’t wait … Haha!!

I will tell you more after the holiday, hopefully it will be a fun-packed trip :). And I do hope I manage to relax and chill a bit too…

Bank Bar and Bistro Tuesday Pub Quiz

Having missed out a couple of quiz nights over the past month, I decided to make the effort and turn up this time – I can’t say no to a fun night with a few friends, and to Guinness (shock horror).

I also made a special effort to ensure work didn’t get in the way which has happened to the previous sessions.

The Bank Pub Quiz is scheduled twice a month (every other Tuesday), and it was actually a good venue for it – being in close proximity of the office, but far enough to relax in a great setting.

We did pretty well – ended up in the middle of the table by the end of the night, and I actually did well answering some of the questions – and focused on one particular round (the tunes we want to pretend we don’t know) – well I was brought up in the 80’s and 90’s – haha!

I definitely will do it again soon…

Another Sunday, Another Sunday Roast and a New Venue!

Sidewalk Tavern

Sidewalk Tavern

Whilst doing a Google search, I located a new pub that was located along East Coast Road, which served 1) Guinness and 2) a Sunday Roast. It seemed to be run by an English chef, so it must be good.

It was called Sidewalk Tavern, and had pretty good reviews, so I decided to give it ago.

I decided to get their early and took a taxi there arriving around 11.30. It was easy to find, and actually there was quite a few places to eat and drink around East Coast Road and Upper East Coast – it seemed to be a nice area – with everything that you need in the area. The food and service was very nice – it turned out to be owned by a husband and wife combo, with the husband chef – who was indeed a fellow Brit, and a Singapore Chinese wife – who manages the front of us. It was a nice place, and very relaxing atmosphere.

The food was very nice, the beef was served perfectly, cooked medium, and it melted in your mouth – the only downside is that the plate was cold and the yorkshire pudding didn’t rise properly. But apart from that, it was definitely delightful and I certainly would go back. It is just a way out really to make it a regular location for my Sunday Roast. There is also another place nearby called Dog and Bone, so I might come back to the area and try the other place out and see which one is the best 🙂

I decided to venture back via the Kembangan MRT, which was about 15 minute walk, and I walked along Frankel Road until I reached the MRT along Sims Avenue East. There was quite a few nice houses along Frankel Road, so it must be quite an expensive area – very spacious and good quality establishments…so it was actually good to walk back and see some of the nicer areas around Singapore 🙂

Sidewalk Tavern @ Siglap
924 East Coast Road
Singapore, 459115
Tel: +65 6448 5979
E-mail: cheers@sidewalktavern.com.sg
URL: www.sidewalktravern.com.sg

Cheap(er) Guinness from Cold Storage

During a recent grocery shop at the nearby Cold Storage supermarket, I decided to check-out the alcohol aisle – and noticed that there was one column of Guinness draught stout (normally it is the Guinness Foreign Export – which is much more bitter and a stronger taste – and personally so unlike the original Dublin variety).  Anyway, they had just 3 cans left, so I decided to buy them all.

Guinness Special Offer - Yay

Guinness Special Offer – Yay

I went to the till, paid and started to check my receipt and I noticed, to my surprise, that there was a promotion of Guinness – resulting in a small saving.  It was a buy 3 for S$12 (£6) offer, so equating S$4 (£2) for each can of Guinness, instead of S$5.35 (£2.70).  I did say only a small saving – lol!

And yes I know it is still expensive, compared with the local UK supermarkets – where you can get special offers equating to £1 per can – grrrr…. I miss those offers – haha!

HK Friend Visiting Singapore – BOGOF Guinness – and then Karaoke

The brother of a university friend, who is based in HK and I visited when I went there around Christmas last year, was visiting Singapore and we agreed to catch-up, have a few drinks and grab some food. It was a great way to catch-up with him again and see another fellow “Ang Moh”. We went to enjoy a nice evening drinks session starting at Overeasy at Boat Quay – always a good spot to meet and have a few bevvies before we move on. I always enjoy this place, ‘cos it’s a good spot to enjoy the night life, it’s got a pretty good atmosphere, it’s great for people walking and very central to meet in the middle – oh and they serve the black stuff 🙂 Haha!

The chap spoke very good mandarin (mega jealous!) and we went for Szechuan cuisine for dinner in China Town – and I was extremely impressed by his ability to converse well with the restaurant staff! This reminded me that I need to put myself them on a course of something…it has been 6 months already…my bad…grrr!!

The food was delightful – bit spicey, as Szechuan cuisine is, but delicious and very tasty. I think we just ordered the right number of dishes for the two of us – which can’t be said for the table of 3 girls next to us, who seemed to order for the world! Funny when you see them surrounded by all of the dishes (they were pretty large plates too) – lol.

I then got a message that a work colleague was heading over to Cuppage in Someset for Japanese, so we decided to join them. We met them at the J2 Bar – which serves as a KTV place – yup you can see where this is going! After continuing the whiskey bottle that we previously put behind the bar, the two ladies arrived, and it wasn’t long before we started singing our stuff. I did a few interesting tracks (or should that be ‘varied’ tracks) such as Oasis – Wonderful, Blue – Park Life, and then my choice of music went downhill when I sang Cheeky Girls and their infamous Cheeky Girls title track. Funny and memorably (whoops, not sure if that is a good thing). Hey-ho!

We then finished off and headed our separate ways at the end of the night – or should that be early morning. I think it had gone past 2am … and then we remembered that we had to work that next day. Yup the head hurt a bit…for some reason (I think the mixing of drinks probably didn’t help) 🙂

Bank Bar and Bistro – Sunday Lunch

A venue that has been praised highly on the Sunday Roast visit list, is Bank Bar and Bistro – so I thought I’d give it a go.

The only issue with this place, is that it is in Asia Square near to Raffles Place MRT, and the Marina Bay Financial Centre (you can see where this is going). Namely, that it feels too close to work, and makes me feel I am in the wrong area for a Sunday – but alas, I still wanted to give it a go 🙂

It’s a nice venue, very spacious, and easy to get too, but environment around the place is very quiet though (as we really are in the new Financial Centre of Singapore. The only thing that helps is Lau Pa Sat food court is opposite, so there are still “some” people around. A few expats Brits visited during the lunch, but it was not that busy.

It was a pretty nice roast, served quickly and of course accompanied by my usual Guinness. I would visit again, but as I said, the issue is that it just feels too close to work to repeatedly come back!

The Bank Bar and Bistro
One Shenton Way, #01-01
Singapore, 068803
Tel: +65 6636 2188
E-mail: events@thebankbar.com
URL: www.thebankbar.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBankBarBistro

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