Another great movie night – Night Crawler (4th Dec 2014)

Another night, another fun catch-up with Dheeraj – a great friend from work. We decided to watch ‘Nightcrawler’ – must admit I didn’t even read-up on the synopsis of the movie or even the reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a good movie, not amazing, but good enough.

It related to a chap that wanted to become a TV star, but without the fame, so it involved amateur video of accidents and the like which was then sold to the US cable networks for a fee. The irony is that I bet this is how it works in the US today, but sad that this is what people do to make money – make money of the misfortunes of others – especially when there is blood and gore…alas, we watch the news for this, I guess.

Anyway, a nice way to relax and catch-up with a great mate.